The Presentation Ninja Workshop.

The Presentation Ninja

Be the first among equals

A two day comprehensive skill building workshop
on the what, how and why of presentations.


By the end of the workshop, you should be able to

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make presentations that are professional (well reasoned) and personal (heart-felt) at the same time. build relationship and credibility by speaking with gravitas like a subject matter expert.
have taken the first step towards becoming a more conscious, confident and consistent presenter. enjoy and present in a style that is authentic, natural and helps you leverage innate strengths.
do consultative selling: be able to sell without ‘selling’ overtly or trying too hard. structure your ideas in a logical way and articulate them in a cogent and persuasive manner.
engage, involve audiences of all hues and kinds. identify specific improvement areas by watching yourself in action on video and develop them measurably.
balance preparation and spontaneity. understand the conscious, sub conscious and preconscious mind and the process of habit formation.
have a working understanding of specific elements such as posture, movement, body language, humour and PowerPoint shortcuts.


A comprehensive two day skill building workshop on the what, how and why of presentation
skills. Presentation is an inexact term, for the lines between what constitutes a presentation
and what does not are blurring all the time. Chances are, that you have either just finished
a presentation / are in the middle of one right now / preparing for one. Or all three. Just the
way you walk, for instance, is your autobiography in motion.


The pedagogy adopted is a proven and powerful mix of concepts, experiential learning and
real time skill building. The internet is littered with an endless stream of ‘secrets’ & ‘tips’ for
great presentations. Well, the secret is that there is no secret. What works phenomenally well
for one person simply doesn’t cut it for someone else. The idea is to identify and build on
one’s own strengths and consciously and consistently work on development areas.


Because perception is reality! Because, like it or not, you are presenting ‘All’ the time. Period.
Because presentation skills are hygiene – a skill set fundamental to survival in the modern
world. Because the one thing common to acing that job interview, making that elevator pitch
to a client, networking with strangers in informal contexts or influencing people around is
presentation skills.


People who aspire to be better presenters. People who are already seriously passionate about
presenting. People who wish to appear credible while influencing, genuine while persuading
and natural while selling. If you are still reading this, perhaps this is likely to benefit you.

(Limited to 16 people)

When & Where?

Bangalore – 11 & 12th September;

Chennai – 18 & 19th September;

Hyderabad – 25 & 26th September.


Inaugural pricing of Rs. 9999/one day & Rs 12999/two day workshop. Includes a knowledge
toolkit, taped DVD of presentation(s) made by self, a one-on-one session post the workshop.
Exclusive of taxes.

Note: We follow a full on-the-spot refund policy in the event of the individual being dissatisfied with the workshop.

RSVP/ How can I register ?

Registration is easy and simple : You can call us at 91 – 98846-46392, or write to us at or visit our website :

Download the brochure here.


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