Tao of Interviewing Workshop

The Tao of Interviewing

The yin-yang of conducting great interviews ..

A two day comprehensive skill building workshop on the what, how and why of conducting interviews.



By the end of the workshop, you should be able to

make hiring decisions that are qualitatively better by conducting structured interviews that are contextualized, thorough and meticulous. understand and use the different question & probing techniques to read both what is being said as also th subtext.
learn to identify potential high performers by balancing the art of conducting an interview with the science of interpreting it. have working understanding of different inteview types such as competency based interviewing and motivation based interviewing.
assess a candidate for breadth, depth and consistency on any subject . understand one’s own biases and prejudices by being aware of cognitive errors in interviewing such as halo effect,projection & famialrity bias.
use tools such as transactional analysis and communication profiling to determine ‘fitness’ at an attitude, skill and knowledge level. set and manage implicit & explicit expectations of the prospective employee in a realisitc, neutral and positive manner.
be taken seriously as a professional interviewer and as an ambassador of the organisasion irrespective of the hiring decision. go beyond technical skills and qualifications and evaluate ‘behavorial’ competencies, ‘motivating’ factors & ‘cultural’ fit.

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