Any business, certainly one whose reason for being is people development, must count its own people as its strong assets. And so, we leave no stone unturned – indeed turn a few that would best be left unturned – to attract, hire, develop and retain our exceptional people.

What are we looking for? For those with attention deficit disorders: the mind of an assassin, the heart of a poet.

For those with slightly longer attention spans:

Work ethic : Absolutely, the first one on the list by some distance. As individuals, team, and an organization level, pursuit of measurable excellence for its own sake is both our dharma and karma.

World View: We like people who have opinions and perspective. With three strong caveats – a) opinion should follow information, not the other way round. b) Ability to tolerate, appreciate and even stand up for diverse and contradictory worldviews. c) Ability to say "I don't know" and refusing to condemn that which we don’t understand.

Wit: Clearly, as stated elsewhere, we take our work seriously. We don’t take ourselves seriously.

Wonder: A sense of wonder and curiosity. Often we don’t ask the right questions because we fear the right answers. We like in our people the discernment to keep things simple where they should be and also embrace complexity where required.

Wisdom: Yeah, well, it's a bonus really. Wisdom is mostly an acknowledgement and appreciation of context being king. But yes, plenty of time to be wise and all that.

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