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yogesh-parmarYogesh Parmar is a leading behavioral scientist and the founder of GameChangers – India’s first fully integrated and diversified learning and development services enterprise. Recently nominated to the prestigious and select list of 100 Emerging Leaders in Asia by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC), he is a certified master facilitator, speaker and coach & has helped ignite and sustain significant performance excellence for 50,000+ people in Fortune 100 & 500 bellwethers like General Electric, Walmart, Cisco, Tata & Reliance.

Uniquely skilled with a non-condescending, animated and inclusive style, his workshops synthesize subject matter expertise with the eclecticism of behavioral sciences, liberal arts & the ground realities of the day. Armed with an ability to cull uncommon insights and ‘connect’ the dots, he is a perennial people lover who disarms and engages with his audience – spanning different geographies, sensibilities and world views – with iceberg knowledge and self deprecation.

Away from work, Yogesh is deeply passionate about performance arts and philanthropy – he evangelizes Seva Cafe – a peer funded volunteer collective that sets up temporary kitchens using food as a medium to connect and engage with different disenfranchised groups.

He also runs Vipassana for kids- a platform for initiating kids meaningfully into meditation. Himself a recipient of this wondrous gift, he is passionate about getting others to experience and gain from it – which in his own words ‘alters the operating system’ – the mind – on which ‘apps’ such as academics, art and science operate.


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