GameChangers are ideas. GameChangers are people. GameChangers are entrepreneurs. GameChangers are organizations. GameChangers are governments. Anybody can be a game changer. All of us ‘need’ to be game changers at some point. A small number of game changers explain almost everything in our world, from the success of wars and religions, to the dynamics of historical events, to elements of our own personal lives, and the future as we know it.

Anticipating, understanding and addressing the unstated need of an unknown customer necessitate us to be game changers. Not rebels for the sake of rebellion or change junkies who want something ‘new’ or ‘novel’, but because there is no one best way to dance, as it were. There are always better, faster and cheaper ways to do things and do them more effectively.

More than at any other point of human civilization, the challenges that face us today require us to be disruptive in both concept and application to respond to the ultimate game changer – ‘CHANGE’. More than at any other point of human civilization, there are greater possibilities and opportunities to learn, evolve and grow to our highest potential and lead fulfilling lives.

We need more than just isolated innovations and moments of serendipity; we need people who are conscious of the status quo, determined to change it and committed to building something bigger than themselves.

At GameChangers, we strive to live and die by that cross every single day without apology or arrogance – to catalyze and curate happiness through learning and development – to subvert paradigms, to enable excellence.

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